• Coagulation hearts meet force built conveyor working in orde

    Coagulation hearts meet force built conveyor dream celebrate May Day labor in order to transport machine trade union activities To celebrate May Day, singing labor glorious, create a great theme, on the afternoon of April 30, I group co., LTD. Trade union

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  • I company organization "38 women's day" activities

    On March 7, 2014 in the afternoon, zigong city, sichuan province transportation machinery group co., LTD. Trade unions to enrich employees' cultural life, enhance staff cohesion, afternoon in March 7 group company for the 2013 worker and good friends of t

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  • Our company successfully host the communist youth league in

    On January 14, 2014, the communist youth league in the first quarter in zigong city party committee qinggong ties in my company goes well. As the host, I first company to attend unit of leadership introduces the recent development status and lead you to v

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  • Let youth power basketball friendly match

    On the afternoon of August 31, youth corps committee in 2013, united in zigong city, sichuan province industrial pump co., LTD. Jointly held a basketball friendly match, activities held in sichuan institute of yingpan campus basketball court.

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  • Youth league organizations new recruits to carry out the "wa

    On July 22, 2013 afternoon, the company of the youth league organized the 2013 new students into the ZhiDa staff in liuzhou international swimming pools, water polo game activities. Game is divided into two teams, and the selection way also pitched in wat

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