【ZGCMC】held a special meeting on clean and ethical practices in the workplace.

2023-05-24 03:46 Website editor

   The company held a special meeting on clean and ethical practices. The main objective was to implement the group’s culture of integrity, further motivating all leaders and officials to start from within themselves and actively abide by the regulations on clean and ethical self-discipline. It emphasized the importance of always keeping the commitment to clean governance in mind, clarifying job responsibilities, and standardizing work processes. It emphasized the need to continuously cultivate integrity and maintain self-discipline, laying a solid foundation for the company’s next phase of development.

   The meeting was presided over by Mr. Xu Junjie, a leader of ZGCMC.

   The meeting was attended by all middle and senior-level management personnel from ZGCMC and its subsidiaries, as well as all staff members from the Marketing Management Center, Project Management Center, and Procurement and Materials Center. In total, there were more than 200 participants, including on-site personnel, online attendees, and employees from subsidiaries, as well as those stationed abroad or on business trips.

   Chief of the Audit Department, Ms. Zhou Yunjuan, disseminated the "Clean and Ethical Conduct Management Regulations" and provided further interpretation on the importance of integrity and ethical behavior.

   Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Ms. Fan Mo, read out the "Notice on Matters Related to Proactive Declaration of Integrity and Ethical Conduct."

   General Manager Mr. Wu Zhenghua shared practical case studies to emphasize the importance of ethical conduct in the workplace, further advocating for the establishment of a culture of integrity.

   The General Manager and the heads of each center/department are the primary responsible parties for promoting integrity in the organization. Employees are required to uphold professional ethics and principles, safeguarding their responsibilities of integrity, and adhering to legal boundaries. It is essential to fully implement measures to strengthen ethics education, preventing any acts or incidents that go against the principles of ethical self-discipline from occurring at the ideological level and at the root. This will drive the sustained, rapid, and healthy development of the company’s various business endeavors.