The most admirable ZGCMC individual, Mr. Liu: “Without tranquility, one cannot achieve greatness.”

2023-05-15 09:02 Website editor

   #1 | Emerging from the cocoon - Rapid growth

   Mr.Liu, known by this pseudonym, has shown remarkable dedication and continuous growth since joining ZGCMC’s Delivery Services Department. He strives for excellence in his role, holding himself to high standards and diligently studying various technical aspects of the business while acquiring professional knowledge. Through practical experience, he has steadily accumulated expertise and elevated his proficiency. Guided by the belief that "without tranquility, one cannot achieve greatness," he remains focused on learning and steadfast in his work. It is through this mindset that he has rapidly developed into a skilled and reliable asset within the Delivery Services Department.


   #2╱Embracing responsibilities with courage - Taking the lead

   Mr. Liu always exhibits meticulousness, accomplishing each task with adherence to quality and quantity. When faced with challenges in his work, he never wavers, bravely shouldering heavy responsibilities amidst a series of important tasks.

   Mr. Liu, assigned by the company, assumed the role of on-site supervisor for the company’s project in Guangyuan, Sichuan. Upon arriving at the site, he immediately immersed himself in the busy work. Since then, a figure has been seen at the project site from dawn, day after day. Mr. Liu has conducted site surveys, organized workers for safety and technical briefings, and improved on-site construction conditions, all with the sole purpose of ensuring the completion of tasks with both quality and quantity.

   Due to the complex terrain at the Guangyuan project site, Mr. Liu  organized visits to the site personally, together with the client and the construction team, to examine the topography and provide technical support for the development of construction plans.

Mr. Liu provides technical solutions to the workers on-site.

   During the rainy season in the latter half of the year, the installation project is situated in a mountainous area with rugged and uneven roads, making it difficult for construction machinery to enter the site. Every step of the construction process is extremely challenging, yet the project must be completed with all equipment lifted before the onset of the rainy season. Mr. Liu remains undeterred, leveraging his subjective initiative and making full use of resources to ensure the timely and high-quality completion of equipment lifting and installation tasks. He organizes the construction team to mobilize all construction resources, working overtime and diligently carrying out the equipment lifting work. Throughout this period, he steadfastly remains at the forefront of the construction site, providing guidance and strategies to the construction workers. After more than two months of dedicated effort, he finally completes the lifting of all equipment before the arrival of the rainy season, thereby gaining valuable time for the overall progress of the project’s installation.

   Mr. Liu ensures that every step of his work is accompanied by prior planning and preparation. He strictly adheres to supervision and afterwards reflects upon his work experience, thereby safeguarding the progress of the project’s installation and acquiring more time for the company to complete subsequent tasks. He firmly believes that only by immersing oneself in the site, thoroughly understanding the various circumstances at hand, and having a clear understanding, can tasks be accomplished more effectively, providing the client with early production assurance.

   Mr. Liu receives unanimous praise from the project owners and leaders for his diligent work attitude and meticulous work style.

Mr. Liu firmly establishes himself at the construction site, conducting inspections to ensure the quality and progress of the project installation.

   #3╱leads by example, humbly seeking advice and guidance.

Mr. Liu (the worker) on the project site...

   Each business trip and project experience is not only a means of self-improvement and enriching one’s knowledge for Mr. Liu, but also an opportunity to meet exceptional peers. From the initial acquaintance to open and unrestricted communication, sharing knowledge, and active participation in various research activities, everyone progresses together.

   After the completion of each project, Mr. Liu devotes himself to delving into technical research, continuously enhancing his personal skills, and applying what he has learned. He strives to promote the improvement of the company’s product and equipment installation techniques. Moreover, he willingly shares his valuable technical experience and learning outcomes with colleagues around him. He also collaborates with other project team members to compile and submit reports on the management experience of major project installations and operations. Through these efforts, he inspires his colleagues to learn and grow together.

   "Without being indifferent, one cannot have clear aspirations; without tranquility, one cannot achieve long-term success. Learning requires calmness, and talent requires learning. Without learning, one cannot broaden their abilities; without aspirations, one cannot accomplish their studies."

   Over the course of ten years, Mr. Liu has exemplified his original intentions and mission through practical actions. He states that the road ahead is still long, and he will continue to maintain a passionate attitude towards learning and a dedicated work ethic. He upholds the core values of the company, which are centered around achieving customer success, prioritizing people, striving hard, and creating mutual benefits. He fully utilizes his technical expertise in the field of belt conveyor and filling belt conveyor installation and commissioning. Through his contributions, he aims to make a difference for the company and the emerging environmentally friendly transportation industry.