Dear Friends:
Hello everyone!
Welcome to Sichuan Zigong Transportation Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Zigong Transport machine is not only a nearly half a century of conveyor machinery manufacturing history of enterprises, but also a young, highly creative conveyor machinery manufacturing industry leader, Zigong transport people always remember the "industry to serve the nation, cast the world brand" mission, good governance, pregnant with honesty, innovation as the core of the corporate culture, Zigong Transport Machine People's hard pay in exchange for Zigong transport machine Step by step upgrade across, has developed into a national high-tech enterprises. Zigong Transport machine Every achievement is inseparable from leadership at all levels, the vast number of customers and suppliers of concern and help. On behalf of Zigong machine, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all sectors of the community for their strong support!
We have strong technical force, scientific management methods, advanced production equipment, complete detection means, we are always committed to the development of new products and the accumulation of new technologies, and constantly update equipment, at the same time, we continue to technological innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, in good faith, efficient tree company brand, Constantly committed to building technology-leading innovative enterprises, to provide customers with high-quality material handling solutions.
With the advent of the era of world economic integration, the company's internal system further adjustment, production management system further improved, market resilience further enhanced, in line with the consistent pursuit of "based on customer demand for continuous innovation and continuous improvement" purpose, quality as the life of the enterprise, customer satisfaction as the mission of the enterprise.
With the mutually beneficial co-winning mode of cooperation becoming the mainstream of today's business, the healthy development of Zigong transport machine must also build a coordinated relationship with external resources and coordination strategy, in order to win with customers, suppliers for the benefit of investors, for the benefit of employees, I believe that we will be able to build Zigong machine as a good social benefit, A manufacturer of modern conveyor machinery with good economic benefits, strong competitiveness and respect.
We look forward to your visit, you are welcome to Zigong aircraft to visit, cooperation, hands in hand.