The Children‘s Day celebration at ZGCMC, known as the Employee Parent-Child Family Day, concluded successfully!

2023-07-14 12:12 Website editor

Amidst the anticipation of the children, Children’s Day is approaching.

On May 27th, ZGCMC organized a Children’s Day event - Employee Family Day (Parent-Child Activities). The event took place in a relaxed and interactive manner, where parents led their children to visit their workplace. This not only fostered a stronger emotional connection between parents and children but also created a joyful and meaningful Children’s Day experience.

In the joyous gathering of parents and children, a splendid display unfolded.

The families of participating employees arrived at the event venue one after another, completing the registration process.

Vice Chairman Fan Qingling of the Group’s labor union extended her warm wishes for a joyful holiday and expressed her hope that the activities would enhance the bond between parents and children, providing children with ample attention and companionship.

The lively and joyful activities filled the festival with laughter and cheer.

Children, accompanied by their parents, visited ZGCMC’s office building, exhibition hall, and production workshops, showing a keen interest in understanding the work of the adults.

The children wrote down their wishes on wish cards and conveyed their desires to their parents through a fun and challenging parent-child quiz game, showcasing their excellent teamwork and bonding.

The child with the highest score in the teamwork game had the opportunity to convey their wish to their parents on the spot, creating a heartfelt and joyous moment.

During lunchtime, the children had the opportunity to experience a meal similar to what their parents usually have in ZGCMC’s employee cafeteria. This gave them a glimpse into their parents’ daily work routine and provided a unique and educational experience.

The Children’s Day celebration at ZGCMC, known as the Employee Parent-Child Family Day, concluded successfully, bringing a fulfilling end to the event.

We express our gratitude to the company for its support and care towards the event and its employees.

We extend our appreciation to all colleagues for their preparation and dedication to the success of the event.

We wish the children continued progress in their studies, a joyful life, and healthy growth. May everyone have a happy Children’s Day!