• Henan hong coalification company in railway transportation a

    My company in mid-march 2011 mark in henan hong coalification of railway transportation and storage being loaded tubular belt conveyor system design and construction general contracting projects, completed the project design, entered the stage of producti

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  • Export Vietnam at the creek 2 x 220 mw thermal power plant p

    In early March 2011, our company won the bid of exports to Vietnam at the creek has 2220 mw coal-fired power plant tubular belt conveyor in mid-march 2011 to complete the project design, my company engineering and technical personnel have to survey the sc

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  • The development of the conveyor without you

    Open the web site, see the most is the company's products is introduced. Until today in development of the company's products from the '60 s, has experienced a long process of evolution from the previous TD62 belt conveyor, bucket elevator, until today a

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  • The busy production line

    Just after the year of the tiger, in the Chinese calendar ushered in the year of the rabbit. Although the atmosphere of Chinese New Year, but the production line has to dry up and passion. With go on spring outing breath machine production line, ushered i

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  • Export curve belt conveyor in Nigeria has been successfully

    Our company exports Nigeria Dangote group co., LTD. The curve of the belt conveyor, all production has been completed and sent to the scene. Company engineering and technical personnel and project management personnel in early February, entered the scene,

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