【Honor Walls】No regrets, Stay together - Luo Dechun, the idler workshop of ZGCMC Production Management Center

2022-11-28 02:23 Website editor

   Today’s main character is Luo Dechun, a worker who has been joined Communist Party of China for over 20 years.

   Without any rhetoric, only continually work. Do not ask for anything in return, only selfless dedication. With his 30 years of lifetime, he stands with the company to create value.
   Master Luo joined the company in 1993. At that time, he was still a young man full of passion and vitality. Under the leadership of the master and seniors, he gradually became familiar with the structure of idler products, mastered the processing methods such as turning and milling, and completed various major projects of the company with quality and quantity.
   From an ordinary worker to the group leader, master Luo has always emphasized safe production to the team members during production. In order to improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of irregular operations, he written the "Safe Operation Code of Conduct" for all employees to learn;
   When faced the company restructuring, master Luo chose to stay and become the backbone of the company. Under the company’s traditional of "masters leading apprentices", he has trained dozens of outstanding employees for the company.
   A master, who supposed to teach and solve doubts. Master Luo always said: "I will pass on what I have learned and some of my experience to you. You must study hard." And “If you have trouble, just come ask me directly”.
    With such master, our "Mater leads apprentice" tradition able to implemented and passed on.
  After experiencing high temperature and power down this summer, the company’s production tasks are under enormous pressure. In order to ensure the delivery of products, the company started the campaign of "decisive battle in the fourth quarter, a hundred days of battle, and work together to ensure the goal".
   As the team leader, Master Luo, after knowing the importance of this "battle", he not only took the initiative to ask for overtime, but also actively coordinated with the team members to work together to ensure the goal.

   September and October is the most difficult two months. In order to ensure delivery, Master Luo led the team to continuously improve the process, improve work efficiency, and greatly reduce the reject rate of products; even under such intense and strong work pressure, Master Luo’s team always adheres to the core values of "hard work", Submitted all products of this process with quality and quantity.

   When talking about the hardships of these two months, Master Luo always said with a smile: "Only when the company went well, we employees can have good amount of work in return. The short-term bitten is always worth it"!

   Time flies, Master Luo Chun has been working on the job for nearly 30 years, and has been selected as an advanced employee by the company for many times. He has created extraordinary achievements with practical actions, practiced his life dream, and realized his own life value.