【Honor Walls】Overcome Difficulties and Achieve Customers——Li Ji, Delivery& After-sell Department of ZGCMC

2022-11-24 04:52 Website editor

       Li Ji, an ordinary project manager in the Delivery& After-sell Department.

      It has been almost ten years that he chose to join the big family of ZGCMC after graduate. From the time he first joined the company, under the tradition of "teacher leading apprentices", the masters led him to work between the company’s various projects site.  With his diligence, studious and hard work, he now has grown into a project manager who can stand alone in the company.
       Last year, he participated in a belt conveyor system installation project in Guinea, Africa. Under the world pandemic, Li Ji was under tremendous pressure both physically and mentally. In order to ensure the construction period, he led the project team members to be on call 24 hours a day, in order to solve the problem optimally and quickly and resume production.

Guinea project BC2 belt drive failure

       Li Ji, who was on standby at all times, quickly led the project team members to the site as soon as possible, and worked overtime to deal with the fault. The fault was repaired at 3 am the next day and resumed normal production. At the end, with the support and help from all levels of the company, the project was successfully completed through the efforts of the project team members, and was highly recognized by customers.

       After the completion of the project in Guinea, Li Ji, who returned to China after being quarantined, only rested for 4 days before going to the East Hope project in Xinjiang to start a new round of work.

       The project is a government-funded engineering project, and both the client and the local government are paying attention on this project. Since the project spans two roads and a railway, it is necessary to coordinate the hoisting of the trestle bridge, occupying the road and closing the road for hoisting. Therefore, the project has a tight schedule and heavy tasks. There are many things to be coordinated and resolved on the construction site, and the construction quality and safety requirements are high. Through the efforts and coordination of the on-site project team, the hoisting of the two-span trestle bridge spanning the Z917 highway was finally completed in just one day.

       During the shutdown of the project, Li Ji ran around the site to coordinate with all parties, led the team to fight for 120 hours, and finally successfully completed the docking and debugging, resumed the operation of the project, reduced the loss for the customer, and won high praise and recognized from the customer.
       The Delivery& After-sell Department of ZGCMC has always taken the core value of "achieve customers" as its working principle, and Li Ji, as a project manager, has always adhered to this concept. His hard work has also been affirmed by the group. As a student of the group’s “middle-level storage class” in 2021, although Li Ji was working on a project in another place at the time and could not participate in the group’s learning, he never perfunctory, never neglected, and was still on time. Quality and quantity submission work.
       I believe that there are many people around us who are like Li Ji, silently making extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions.