ZGCMC carried out "August 1st" Army Day condolences

2022-08-01 05:08 Website editor

       From the Nanchang Uprising on August 1, 1927, the first shot that was earth-shattering, to the current flag fluttering in the wind on the land of Shenzhou, the Chinese Liberation Army has gone through 95 glorious years. History has long remembered the iron blood and glory of this army.

Charge ahead in critical juncture
Perseverance, bravery, loyalty and responsibility
You are the sword of the country and the cornerstone of the family
Selfless with no regrets
army soul, hot as fire
Thanks for your protection
With a bloody journey, in exchange for peace and prosperity

95 years of wind and rain
You are always admirable
Today is your holiday
Salute to you!
Salute to the extraordinary power of China!

       On July 28, ZGCMC launched the "August 1st" Army Day to condolences to the veterans. The general manager of the group Wu Zhenghua, the secretary of the group party committee and the chairman of the labor union Ye Maoqi, the deputy general manager of the group's production Deng Jihong, the vice chairman of the group labor union Fan Qingling and the representatives of the veterans Participate in activities.

       At the scene, the company leaders sent holiday blessings and souvenirs to the retired soldiers, thanking them for their contributions to the country and the people when they were in the army, and for their hard work for the company's construction and development in new positions after changing jobs, and expressed hope that everyone Always maintain the true character of the soldier, integrate the fine style of the soldier into the work, keep the original intention, shoulder the mission, perform duties and responsibilities based on the post, and show self-worth in practical work.

       Retired soldiers who received condolences expressed their gratitude to the organization for their care and concern. They will continue to maintain the quality of soldiers who are willing to contribute and bear hardships and stand hard work. Write a new style and contribute to the high-quality development of the company.