Thank you for your hard work, who persevered in this hot summer

2022-07-29 08:12 Website editor
this summer
Sweat soaked clothes
Sweaty but still armed
That is daily experience for Welders

and also
Security guards who standing outdoors
Road workers working in confined environment
Busy canteen staff
Cleaning staff

These are few of them
Lenses can't record everyone
but to everyone
Who stand at their position under the high temperature
Thank you for your hard work!

       Recently, company has launched a series of "sending cool" activities to bring a touch of coolness and care to staff under the high temperature and heat.
Chill the workshop

       On July 28, Wu Zhenghua, general manager of the group, Ye Maoqi, secretary of the group party committee and chairman of the labor union, Deng Jihong, deputy general manager of group production, and Fan Qingling, vice chairman of the group labor union, went to the workshop to express condolences to the front-line workers in the workshop represented by the female welder team and sent herbal tea to everyone.

       Everywhere they go, the leaders of the company remind everyone to take measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down, have high temperature protection awareness, and ensure safe production.

Sending herbal tea during dinning

       From July 15th to July 16th, representatives of the company's party members and representatives of young pioneers distributed cooling herbal tea to the majority of employees in the cafeteria, sending care and condolences to everyone.

Distribute cool packs

       On July 18, the company distributed the package of cool items sent by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to the workers in the production line, hoping that everyone can appreciate the care of the "maternal family".

Place the vending machine

       Due to the inconvenience of many employees purchasing drinks and beverages in the company in high temperature weather, the company has specially purchased vending machines, hoping to bring a little convenience for everyone to quench their thirst and relieve the heat.

A little help, but we will continue to do
The company is on the way
In the future, the company will have more actions
Caring employees
Keep walking