The second session of the second members‘ (representatives) congress of the labor union of ZGCMC was successfully held!

2023-04-28 09:41 Website editor

       Second session of the second members’ (representatives) congress of the labor union of Sichuan Zigong Conveying Machine Group Co., Ltd.

       On the morning of April 4th (Tuesday), the labor union committee of ZGCMC held a members’ (representatives) congress to elect alternate members of the second committee of the company’s labor union and to elect the chairman of the labor union committee.

       Attendees arrived one by one, signing in and taking their seats, while the staff counted the number of people present.

       The meeting was presided over by the Vice Chairman of the Group Labor Union, Fang Qingling.

       Mr. Wu Zhenghua, the General Manager of ZGCMC, along with Mr. Ye Maoqi, the Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Labor Union, and Ms. Fan Mo, the Senior Consultant of the company, attended the meeting.

       The second session of the second membership (representative) conference of the Group’s Labor Union was opened with the sound of the national anthem.

       The Conference Affairs Team member Yang Qiao read out the "Notes on the Meeting" for this conference.

       The Conference Affairs Team member Wan Jinhong read out the "Agenda" for this conference.

       The Party Secretary and the Chairman of the Company’s Labor Union, Ye Maoqi, read out the approval document from the Ziyang City Federation of Trade Unions.

       The Conference Affairs Team member Huang Jian read out the "Election Methods" for this conference.

       The Conference Affairs Team member Zheng Xiaohong read out the proposed list of scrutineers and vote-counters.

       Election observers: Cao Qi, Chang Tao.

       Poll clerks: Tian Xinyi, Liu Yan.

       The election observers and poll clerks distribute ballots, and attendees cast their votes.

       After the voting has concluded, the Election observers and poll clerks tally the ballots, and the Vice Chairperson Fan Qingling announces the results of the election of members of the 2nd Committee of the Alternate Group Union and the Chairperson of the Union Election Committee.

       According to the vote count by the election observers and poll clerks, Comrade Fan Mo, the company’s senior consultant, was elected unanimously as a member of the 2nd Committee of the Alternate Group Union and unanimously as the Chairperson of the 2nd Committee of the Group Union.

       Comrade Ye Maoqi, the former Chairperson of the 2nd Committee of the Group Union, gave a departing speech.

       Comrade Ye Maoqi extended his sincere greetings to all the union representatives present and to the vast number of workers fighting on the front lines of production, and congratulated Comrade Fan Mo on her election as the new Chairperson of the union.

       Comrade Ye Maoqi has been serving as the Chairperson of the union since its establishment, working hard and striving to fulfill the union’s basic responsibilities and four social functions. He has made every effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the workers, and has helped them improve their ideological, moral, and scientific and cultural qualities.

       Comrade Ye Maoqi is full of expectations for the future of the Group Union and has confidence in the members of the Union Committee. He believes that the union’s work will only get better and better.

       Comrade Fan Mo expressed her gratitude for the trust and support of the leaders, union committee members, and representatives. She deeply feels the great responsibility of being elected as a union committee member and the chairperson, and also feels honored to have the opportunity to work for the union and serve everyone to the best of her ability.

       Comrade Fan Mo expressed her gratitude to the former union chairperson, Comrade Ye Maoqi, for his years of hard work and dedication to the union.

       Comrade Fan Mo stated that in the future work of the union, she will shoulder the responsibility of the union work and work with everyone to take Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide. She will deeply study, promote, and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and conscientiously implement the various regulations and resolutions of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the provincial federation of trade unions, and the municipal federation of trade unions. She will maintain and enhance the political, advanced, and mass nature of the union organization, and combine it with the company’s development goals to better carry out the work of the union and give full play to the role of the union as a bridge and link.

       Speech by Mr. Wu Zhenghua, Group General Manager

       Mr. Wu Zhenghua, the group general manager, expressed gratitude towards Comrade Ye Maoqi, the former chairman of the labor union, for his tenure and contributions. At the same time, he warmly congratulated Comrade Fan Mo on her election as the new chairman of the labor union.

       Mr. Wu Zhenghua, the group general manager, highly values the work of the labor union and strongly supports its various activities. He hopes that Comrade Fan Mo can continue to fully utilize the role of the labor union as a bridge and bond, work hard to serve the employees, and through the development of various activities, unite the workers closely, fully mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity in production (work), and make positive contributions to the development and construction of the company.

       The second membership (representative) conference of the second committee of the Group’s labor union successfully concluded amid the sound of the song "We Workers Have Power".

       "Our company is our home, and its construction depends on us all!"

       The Group’s labor union will base itself on the characteristics of the labor union and combine them with the company’s production and operation. It will adhere to the principles of "loyalty, integrity, responsibility, learning, innovation, and dedication". The labor union will promptly deliver the company’s Party committee and various organizational relationships and care to the hearts of the employees, continuously enhance their sense of achievement and happiness, and build the company’s labor union into a respected, unity-promoting, combat-capable, and empathetic organization that understands and addresses the needs and concerns of the workers. The goal is to create a labor union that is recognized and trusted by the workers as their own home!