ZGCMC The ERP project kick-off meeting was successfully held

2022-12-07 08:24 Website editor

On the afternoon of November 30, 2022, ZGCMC held an ERP project kick-off meeting in conference Room 418 of the Administrative Comprehensive Office Building. The meeting was presided over by Wei Qi, the director of the OA, and participated with the leaders of relevant departments of the company and the main backbone. Wu Youhua, the chairman of ZGCMC, Wu Zhenghua, the general manager, and Chen Hong, the general manager of Phoenix Century Company, attended the meeting together and made important speeches respectively.

General Manager Wu Zhenghua gave a speech at the kick-off meeting.

He pointed out that to start the construction of the ERP system and improve the loose or even fragmented internal management, it is necessary to integrate the company’s internal management process order->design->process->purchase->warehouse->production->shipment->finance closely linked and fully integrated. To enhance execution and make the management of the enterprise orderly and stable. At the same time, he put out four requirements for the next stage of work.


Management cadres must have the sense of the overall situation. Actively participate, actively offer advice and suggestions, build a good ERP system, and never delay.


Have an open-minded learning attitude. Middle and high-level leaders and business backbones should actively learn and understand the essence of management in the ERP system, inspect and optimize the actual work of the department.


It is necessary to take the initiative to use Informatization to improve the awareness of the department’s business management level. All departments need to coordinate the best resources and actively participate to ensure the smooth launch of the functional modules involved in this department


The management and assessment of informatization construction projects must keep up. The OA and the IT department must make unified planning, precise division of work, and clear responsibilities. Implement the work tasks, work content, completion quality standards and completion time limit of each department and position. And strict scoring, mandatory assessment.

Later, Wei Qi, the OA director, gave a detailed introduction to the ERP system construction from five aspects: project overview, implementation scope, implementation organization, implementation management plan, and evaluation plan. Mr. Wei said that ZGCMC’s informatization planning is carried out in three phases. With the deployment and application of the ERP system, the group can realize the unified management of sales, procurement, technology, production, warehouse, finance, HR and other resources, and provide decision makers with accurate information support and management judgment basis.

At the meeting, Chen Hong, general manager of Phoenix Century, explained the use and prospects of ERP systems in related manufacturing industries, and introduced policies related to intelligent manufacturing. Wang Kaifa, technical director, explained in detail the ERP system construction plan of ZGCMC from project introduction, expectations, implementation methodology, stage work plan, and key success factors.

Li Jianhui, deputy director of finance, and Liu Dong, director of the design department, made speeches as representatives of the implementation department, saying that each department will dispatch elite troops to fully cooperate with the implementation of the ERP system to ensure the successful launch of the ERP project.

At the meeting, Wu Youhua, the chairman of the group, made a concluding speech, attaching great importance and expectations to the ERP implementation project, and clearly put forward five requirements.


Overall planning, step-by-step implementation: deeply understand the importance of the group’s informatization construction. The informatization construction can’t be rushed out. It needs overall consideration, overall planning, and step-by-step implementation. Priority should be given to sorting out and launching the system implemented by the company’s core enterprise resource management.


Informatization is not a matter of any department, and all departments of the company need unconditional support. Departments at all levels and branch companies must change their concepts and actively cooperate. Department leaders should give full support and personally participate in project implementation when necessary.


Information system projects need a clear reward and punishment system. Implement process control, carefully organize, scientifically implement, establish and improve the reward and punishment mechanism, evaluate and verify the implementation results.


The information system is the top priority. The board directors and party committee of the group attach great attention to and support the construction of the ERP system. Mr. Wu personally serves as the chairman of the project committee, Mr. Wu and Mr. Liu serve as the vice-chairmen, and the heads of various departments serve as the team leaders of the project implementation team. Mr. Wu emphasized that the "top leaders" of each department must personally grasp and take overall responsibility, and actively assume leadership responsibilities.


The requirements by the implementation team of Phoenix Century are put forward. The implementation engineer must have experience in the management control and implementation of ERP projects in the machinery manufacturing industry. The experience must be rich, the skill must be superb, and we must do our best to ensure the success of the project. At the same time, no substitutions are allowed during the implementation process.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wu said that ERP construction is a huge system project, time is tight and the task is arduous. I believe that through the joint efforts of all project members, we will be able to complete the ERP project construction tasks with high quality and efficiency, so that the management level of the group can be further improved to a new level, making new contributions to the realization of ZGCMC’s vision and goal of becoming the top of the global intelligent transportation manufacture.