• The company won the title of "little giant" enterprises in s

    Looking back at the development of transport machine group, the development process of full of all kinds of hardships, encountered difficulties, but no matter how in the face of the challenge of conveyor are one step a footprint came and went out of the s

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  • Sichuan chuan wei group chairman wang to company

    On April 21, in sichuan province, sichuan power group co., LTD., wang, chairman of a line to the company. He Dali and technology, the general manager of our company deputy general manager Gong Xinrong to mr.wong line this paper introduces the basic situat

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  • Sincere service society, the first-class enterprise

    Respecting honesty, solidarity, efficient and innovative spirit of enterprise, quality products contributing to society, fruitful results employees return the management idea, conveyor group staff with his sincere heart and efficient action, time and time

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  • Introduction and application of K / 3 system

    In order to further improve the company's management level, the company in the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system management standards, gradually introduce new management ideas, software products and management system. The main introduces the K / 3

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  • A year in the spring

    Long-unseen connect with her brisk pace into the us. In her warm arms, everything begins to wake up, all open their dim eyes; Stretch them that pale green arm, the passion of youth and vitality in the world

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