ZGCMC performance and strategic planning kick-off meeting was successfully held

2022-07-14 06:27 Website editor

       On the morning of 14 July, ZGCMC held a kick-off meeting about performance and strategic planning, chaired by General Manager Wu Zhenghua and attended by all senior and middle class managers.

       Group chairman Wu Youhua made an important speech before the meeting. He pointed out that if an enterprise wants to develop, all management cadres must update thought and to be innovative. A complete set of diversified incentive mechanism must be established, which is oriented by strategy, based on value contribution and oriented by strugglers, so as to encourage and retain the talents with dedication, hard work, willingness to contribute and courage to contribute.

       Lin Haiqing, vice general manager of the Group, introduced the ways, methods and output results of strategic performance change. Through the establishment of a compensation performance incentive mechanism based on the future strategic development direction of the company and the acquisition and sharing system, the organization is activated and the human efficiency is improved.

       Under the common witness of all senior management cadres, Lin and General Manager signed the ’ ZGCMC Strategic Performance Management Change Project Task Commitment ’, officially launched the ’ ZGCMC Strategic Performance Change Project ’.

       Next, Lin reviewed the strategic planning tool ’ BLM Model ’ for 2023-20253 to develop and implement strategies through eight dimensions: strategic intent, market insight, innovation focus, business design, key tasks, formal organization, key talents and cultural atmosphere.

       Finally, general manager Wu Zhenghua made a summary statement and work arrangement. He stressed that all management cadres should work together to complete the task of strategic performance change project according to the content and requirements of today ’ s meeting. At the same time, he pointed out that ZGCMC must clarify its future development direction. Next, all managers create and complete the 2023 – 2025 strategic plan to jointly promote the overall strategic goal of the company and realize the healthy and sustainable development of the company.