Sichuan Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Standing Deputy Governor Luo Wen visite ZGCMC for research

2022-05-13 17:20 Website editor
    On May 11, 2022, Luo Wen, the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial Committee and Deputy Governor of Sichuan Province, headed to Sichuan Zigong Conveying Machine Group Co., Ltd. to investigate the production and operation of the company. The leaders of the departments in charge of Sichuan science and technology department, Sichuan Development and Reform Committee, Sichuan Finance Department, Sichuan Economics and Information Department, Sichuan Commerce Department and Sichuan Natural Resources Department of, Chen Yangjie, the standing committee of Zigong Municipal Party Committee, secretary-general, secretary of the Party committee of high-tech zone, secretary of the Party committee of municipal state-owned assets committee, and Xiao Bingdong, the standing committee of municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, participated in the research. Wu Youhua, chairman of Sichuan Zigong Conveying Machine Group Co., Ltd., and Wu Zhenghua, general manager, accompanied by research and introduced the company ' s production, operation and project construction.

    Luo Wen visited the comprehensive exhibition hall and machinery workshop successively. During the visit, Wu Youhua, the chairman of the Group, made a detailed report on the company ' s development history, production status, product sales, technology research and development, personnel training and other business operations, and understood the operation of various projects at home and abroad by watching video.

   Luo Wen approved the company 's production and operation construction, and said that the high-tech zone is an important position to promote high-quality economic development. The provincial government attaches great importance to the innovation and development of high-tech zones, and is actively studying and supporting policy measures. Local governments should also play a good role of the main body, accelerate the construction of a public service platform combined with hardware and software, and take various measures to support enterprises in the jurisdiction to become bigger and stronger, and promote high-quality development of high-tech zones.