Promote the spirit of craftsmanship, become the pioneer of ZGCMC

2021-09-24 10:52 Website editor
       Zigong third Work Skill Competition was held at Zigong Vocational Training Institute on Sep 17th, 2021 by Zigong City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Zigong City Finance Bureau, Zigong City Civil Affairs Bureau. The theme of this competition is “To promote the spirit of craftsmanship, to made Zigong a skillful city”. Many Skillful craftsmen gather together, and compete in eight different events, such as lantern making, cooking and welding. On the scene of the competition, the contestants were calm and calm, striving for perfection to complete their works.

       Huang Xuening, Second Inspector, Sichuan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security was invited to the competition. He hope the competition can and will found and cultivation workers with outstanding skilled talents in various industries in Zigong and the event can make skillful people do not give up their dreams, let labor realize their value, let their skills to shine, and create excellence.

       Based on the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, and selection of the best, this skill competition has built a platform for broaden their horizons, show their talents, and learn. Fully demonstrate the "craftsman spirit" of the contestants who willing to innovate, dare to challenge, strive for perfection, and pursue excellence. To cultivate a large-scale, reasonable structure, superb skills, and high-quality skilled talent team.

       After a day of competition, Yangliu, the welder from the plate welding workshop of ZGCMC , won the third prize of the Sichuan Skills Contest-Zigong City’s 3rd " Work Skill Competition " Skills Contest, and awarded the title of Welding Expert.

       This competition shows the direction of where we can spend efforts on. We are confident and determined to become the best of ourselves, and show the most beautiful image of ZGCMC's skilled craftsmen!