Our company holds the 2020 mid- and high-level cadres report

2021-01-11 12:02 Website editor
——Our company holds the 2020 mid- and high-level cadres report and appraisal meeting

       On January 8, 2021, our company held the 2020 cadre debriefing and appraisal meeting. The meeting was presided over by the company’s general manager He Dali. All the company’s senior executives and middle-level cadres attended the meeting.

       At the meeting, the middle and senior management cadres summarized their work in 2020, the shortcomings in the work of each department, and the work plan for 2021. The entire evaluation process is based on the base of various indicators, which truly and effectively reflects the operation of various departments and the implementation and implementation of the company's 2020 goals. After debriefing, General Manager He Dali put forward new hopes for the focus of work in 2021 in light of the debriefing of middle and senior executives and the actual situation of the company: all departments are required to work hard, continuously promote technological innovation, and persist in innovation The road is to break through fixed thinking and realize the development of informatization. Later, with the efforts of various departments of the company and the continuous implementation of the company's goals, the company's 2021 will be more brilliant.