Zigong Yunji signed a strategy and agreement with Chongqing

2020-11-05 17:13 Website editor
Zigong Yunji signed a strategy and agreement with Chongqing University on the "2020 Provincial-Academy-Provincial-University Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation City and State Trip"

       On November 3, 2020, sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the People's Government of Zigong City, and undertaken by the Zigong City Science and Technology Bureau, the Zigong Innovation Center of Zhejiang University, and the Sichuan Academy of Natural Resources Science, the "2020 Provincial Academy of Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation The "City and Prefecture Tour" event was held in Jinling Tanmulin Hotel in Zigong City. Our company signed a strategy and agreement with Chongqing University.

       Through the school-enterprise alliance, we will cooperate in the cultivation of doctoral students, lightweight steel structure design, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment development, intelligent production, and construction of production-university-research bases, and carry out more in-depth and comprehensive connections to jointly promote intelligent energy-saving The development of environmental protection transportation equipment technology. In recent years, our company has adhered to the development strategy of "technical innovation", according to market needs, on the basis of introducing foreign technology, through digestion, absorption and re-innovation, it has formed more than 130 patented technologies and more than 20 proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights. , And participate in the formulation of national and industry standards in this industry. In the development of long-distance and large-capacity belt conveyors such as tubular belt conveyors and curved belt conveyors, it is in the forefront of the domestic counterparts.