Academician Cheng Huiming of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

2020-10-26 10:21 Website editor
       On the morning of October 24th, Academician Cheng Huiming of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and his entourage, accompanied by relevant leaders of Zigong High-tech Zone and relevant department heads of Sichuan University of Light Chemical Technology, visited Yunji Group to guide the company's innovation and development.

       The chairman of the company Wu Youhua extended a warm welcome to Academician Cheng Huiming and his entourage. Academician Cheng Huiming and his entourage first visited the company's exhibition hall and various production workshops, and had a cordial discussion and exchanges with peer leaders and persons in charge of Yunji Group's management, technology research and development.

       Chairman Wu Youhua introduced to Academician Cheng Huiming the basic situation of the development of related industries of the Yunji Group, and pointed out the current confusion in the direction of industry development, as well as the shortcomings in the introduction of talents, talent training, etc., hoping to get Professional guidance and help from Academician Cheng Huiming.

       After listening to Chairman Wu Youhua’s introduction, Academician Cheng Huiming expressed his agreement with the overall development idea of Yunji Group to go all out to revitalize the industrial industry, recognized the group’s achievements in innovation and technology, and was full of confidence in the development of the company. Yunji Company made another glorious future.