Qin Lei, Commander of the Standing Committee of the Zigong M

2020-03-27 10:52 Website editor
       On the morning of March 26, 2020, Qin Lei, commander of the Standing Committee of the Zigong Municipal Party Committee, and Qin Lei, deputy director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, and other leaders visited the company to investigate the development of the company. Gong Xinrong, chief engineer of our company,  executive deputy general manager accompanied the investigation.

       During the investigation, Commander Qin Lei understood the situation of the company's resumption of work and production and the company's party building during the epidemic. At the same time, it asked about the company's veteran resettlement and militia team construction, and encouraged enterprises to strengthen their development confidence. Take the lead in the model, overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, strengthen technological transformation, and resume production as soon as possible. We must attach great importance to scientific and technological talents of enterprises, attach great importance to technological innovation, strive to cultivate the spirit of excellence in craftsmen, and win market competitive advantages with first-class products.