The planning meeting for the development of new products and

2020-02-27 10:29 Website editor
       According to the company's development and market order needs, on the afternoon of February 26, 2020, chief engineer gong xinrong of the company presided over the discussion meeting on "the development of new products and new technologies in 2020" in the meeting room on the fourth floor.

       Through conference evaluation and selection, two projects, including the research and application of continuous shippers in wharf, passed on-site evaluation and were included in the company's new product development plan in 2020; In addition, the application for "development project of PLC control cabinet of DKG series belt conveyor" has passed the on-site evaluation, and the conclusion is agreed. The promotion of this work, opened the company's New Year technological innovation for the prelude to development. The company requires all project departments to earnestly organize the development and implementation of new products, and all relevant departments should actively cooperate with the new product development department to ensure the timely completion of the new product development plan. After the conclusion of the project, the company will reward the new product development projects that have completed the development tasks and passed the acceptance inspection and appraisal in accordance with the relevant provisions of the new product development management measures.