"Anti-epidemic" does not relax the company's orderly prepara

2020-02-12 11:06 Website editor
       According to the requirements of governments at all levels for the current epidemic prevention and control work, the company has further strengthened the company's epidemic prevention and control work, strictly implemented all-round, no dead spots, and related epidemic prevention and control and production arrangements before resumption of work, and effectively ensured the company's epidemic prevention measures. Come true. Our company will resume work in an orderly and reasonable manner on February 10, 2020.

       At present, after the company obtains approval for resumption of work, any reworker must complete three epidemic prevention procedures before entering the factory. One is to measure the body temperature, the other is to wear protective items, and the third is to implement a meal-sharing system for all employees on the job. At the same time, special anti-epidemic personnel will disinfect and disinfect daily in the factory area, and issued manuals for epidemic protection. Based on strict safety inspection, strict safety management, and strict epidemic prevention control, the company focuses on epidemic prevention and control and resumes production on one hand to ensure that the entire process is safe and controllable. During the critical period, the company resolutely shouldered its responsibilities, organized employees to return to work and resumed work, to ensure that workers are protected against epidemics, to resume work and resume production, and to contribute to the stability of production and life and promote economic development in private enterprises.