Fan Bo, the secretary of the municipal party committee, paid

2020-02-12 11:05 Website editor
       "After telling stories, I will say that when I was fighting the pneumonia epidemic that year, I met a very good kid who could play the piano, draw, study well, and be lovely. Her name was Yuanyuan ... her mother She is a hero. When she grows up, she will also be a very good person, who will contribute to our country and contribute to the country. "On the afternoon of February 1, Fan Bo, the secretary of the municipal party committee, kindly addressed Wu Peng's daughter when he visited our company employee Wu Peng Say. Wu Peng's lover is one of the first-line medical staff to help the epidemic.

▲ Secretary Fan Kuan Yuanyuan is cute

       In the afternoon of that day, Fan Bo, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, came to the Oasis Garden in Daan District, learned more about the work of the Wu Peng family, and expressed his concern to him and his family. Secretary Fan Bo is very concerned about the medical staff supported in Wuhan. He reads the "frontline" diary every day to understand their working and living conditions in Wuhan. Wu Peng's daughter deliberately showed a painting given to her mother the previous two days to Secretary Fan, who pointed to the butterfly on the painting with interest and said to Yuanyuan, "Do you want butterflies to fly to Wuhan to see your mother?" Secretary Fan asked with concern the learning situation and interests of Yuanyuan. When he heard that Yuanyuan loves to play the piano, he also kindly took Yuanyuan's little hand and looked at him, telling her that it was a good thing to learn piano, and hoped that she would learn happily and develop in an all-round way.

▲ Secretary Fan is interested in the pictures Yuanyuan draws to his mother

       Before leaving, Secretary Fan also asked Yuanyuan to help him two. One was to call his mother at night to convey his greetings and concerns to all medical staff who assisted Hubei, and asked them to pay attention to protect themselves. The municipal party committee and municipal government will do Good logistics support. He has coordinated a batch of masks and gloves and is ready to send them. The second is to propagate to teachers and classmates to be "little hands and big hands", so that children can persuade parents to reduce outings and parties, and do a good job in the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia.

       Xu Qibin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, Liu Min, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, Huang Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, and Liu Jianhui, President of the Fourth Municipal Hospital accompanied the sympathy.