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2019-11-26 16:27 Website editor
       On November 21, 2019, the sichuan equipment manufacturing labor competition was held in dongdian hotel in deyang city.

       The meeting, the recognition of the "May 1 labor medal", "the worker pioneer" two awards, my company "smart green transportation equipment engineering technology research center" won the award for the provincial workers "pioneer", our company trade union chairman at the meeting FanQingLing did experience reports and communication, engineering center representatives MouZongKui to receive the medal.

       In recent years, my company transport machinery innovation team around the company's development goals, adhere to the "technological innovation" development strategy, according to the market need, on the basis of introduction of foreign technology, after digestion, absorption and re-innovation, formed the independent intellectual property rights over 100 patented technology and proprietary technology, more than 30, and participate in the national standards and industry standards in the industry. In the development of long distance and large volume belt conveyors such as tubular belt conveyors, curve belt conveyors, etc.