2019 annual meeting of belt conveyor branch of heavy machine

2019-10-28 14:21 Website editor
       In the golden autumn season, the association of heavy machinery belt conveyor branch (south south group) annual meeting of 2019 was held in chengdu, sichuan, the beautiful land of abundance.

       On October 18, 2019 solstice, the 2019 annual meeting of belt conveyor branch of heavy machinery association (south south group) was held in chengdu jiayuan international hotel. Meeting shall be presided over by my company chief engineer Gong Xinrong, co-sponsors hope wei sen LAN group always welcome speech, secretary general of the China heavy machinery industry association branch of belt conveyor Gao Yong on behalf of the association of industry development present situation, Northeastern University professor wei-gang song do technical report, professor, vice President of the institute of shanxi energy wen-jun meng and the representatives and adequate communication, this paper explores the atmosphere relaxed and active the whole conference.