• Project Suizhong Power Plant Project

    China Shenhua Energy Group, Suizhong Power Plant Project, DG600 Pipe Belt Conveyor Characteristics. 1、Project Suizhong Power Plant Pipe Belt Conveyor is located at the south of Suizhong Power Plant, on the west coast of Liaodong Bay of Bo

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  • Project Shanghai Salim

    Salim (Shanghai) Enterprise Group Co., Ltds ultra-long distance pipe belt conveyor system is located at the western area of Tariab Island, Sura Islands County, North Maluku Province, in the northeastern part of Indonesia. The conveyor syste

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  • Project Shanxi Yangquan Yankan Coal Industry

    Shanxi Yangquan Yankan Coal Mine Pipe Belt Conveyor was built and put into use in 2014. Technical characteristics such as complicated working conditions, long conveying distance, large driving power, high belt strength, low safety factor of

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  • Project Shanxi Jinmei Project

    1、here are 14 horizontal turns, the lowest turning radius is 360m, the maximum turning radius is 400m, the maximum turning angle is 44, 20 elevation arcs, the minimum radius is 400m, and the maximum radius is 600m. 2、The pipe belt machi

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  • Rizhao Lanshan Port Project

    The ore conveying pipe belt conveyor system in Rizhao Lanshan Port Area was completed and put into operation in 2013. The system is composed of three pipe belt machines C2, C3 and C4, which have the characteristics of large pipe diameter, h

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