In yunnan province, kunming iron and steel group, big red ir

2018-09-20 11:47 Website editor

Horizontal captain 1796 meters, lifting height of 421.4 meters of wire rope core strong belt conveyor for the deep mining project of the mine inclined well (inclination 14. ) to transport iron ore to the ground, conveyor bandwidth 1200mm, conveyor capacity of 1000t/h. The conveyor is equipped with dual-speed operation, controllable starting transmission CST drive, probe head hydraulic disc braking, inverted belt capture, double inverse, dynamic control, power automatic balance and other functions, configuration of the most advanced parts at home and abroad, the conveyor's wire rope core rubber Conveyor belt strong for 4000n/mm, conveying speed of 4m/s , the drive power is 3x710kw. The machine was successful in a one-time test.