Zhanjiang port authority

2018-09-20 11:55 Website editor

Zhanjiang Port 300#,301# berth loading and unloading storage and transportation process System technical transformation Project belt conveyor System Engineering contract, this is a conveyor systems consisting of 47 conveyors. Conveyor belt using anti-tear rope core (ST type) belt, tape face ≥8mm, broadband 2000mm, with speed 3.15m/s, transport capacity of the maximum 5400t/h, horizontal projection length of 5452.7 meters, maximum climbing height 31.5m, maximum climbing angle 16°, total power 8400KW.

Fangcheng Port Group Co., Ltd. 16, 17 berths split professional Wharf conveyor system engineering, the project environmental humidity of the average monthly 88%, the working state of the largest design wind speed 20m/s, climate and salt mist corrosion is also larger. The engineering control system can not only realize the centralized control but also realize the manual operation of the machine, the horizontal captain is 3632.5 meters long, with the speed 2.5m/s, the broadband 1400mm, the total fixed efficiency 8000t/h.