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2018-09-20 11:52 Website editor

The project uses the down-transport curve tubular belt conveyor, through the conveyor after the normal operation of the transport of materials generated by the sliding power, driving the belt conveyor head and tail of the drum rotation, so that the drum connected generator output power. When operating normally, the output of 680KW of electricity is incorporated into the power grid where the device is located. So that material transportation and power generation at the same time to achieve, with energy-saving effect. The system consists of a 710m long curved belt conveyor and 2900m long tubular belt conveyor, the system will solve the electronic control, braking, protection and many other difficult problems.

This pipe belt machine has the world's first difficulty, mainly has the following three points
1) The head and tail high difference under the transport height of -382.7m, of which the total lifting height of 259.846M, the total height of the lower transport up to -642.546m, creating the world's first index of tubular belt conveyor;
2) The vertical terrain is complex, the fa鏰de layout has an extremely rare concave arc section, the lower transport height of 206M, the lower movement inclination up to 18 degrees, the lower transport height of 116M, the upper transport inclination up to 20 degrees, and the horizontal turn overlap, conventional belt conveyor can not be achieved;
3) The horizontal turn is extremely complex, with one "S" type horizontal turn consisting of a 61-degree and a 74-degree horizontal turn, which is the first such complex level arrangement in the world for rope core tape.